Small Tortures (I love you)

Created by Ludmylla Reis | Origin: Ottawa

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Created by Ludmylla Reis, this is a dance-theatre piece that invites you to see the underlying dynamics of relationships. What happens when we learn the language of power?

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Litera Productions
Created and Directed by Ludmylla Reis
Costumes by Jocelyn Todd and Alya Graham

Ottawa, ON

Please note that this production does not allow latecomers.

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Can you see beyond the mundane?

A dance-theatre piece that studies the dynamics between two couples from the perspective of one person. Small Tortures ( i love you ) explores the dualities present in toxic partnerships, especially on what happens behind closed doors.

This is Small Tortures ( i love you ) first public workshop, with early development through Theatre 4.669’s 2022 Summer Lab.

Ludmylla Reis is a theatremaker based in Ottawa with a love story with cinema. Through their work, they examine the private with the public in hopes of sparking conversation. With a BFA in Acting in Portuguese and an MFA in Directing in English, a multicultural and Interdisciplinary art is where they thrive.

Jocelyn (she/her) is a dancer, choreographer, producer and multi-disciplinary artist currently based in so-called Ottawa. Jocelyn graduated from the Contemporary Dance Diploma Progamme at The School of Dance in 2012. She works with the body and its interaction with the present moment, environment, political landscape, sound, space, concept and other bodies. Jocelyn spent many years splitting her time between Canada and England, where she delved into intensive periods of dance study as well as movement research at the iconic Barbican Centre. She presented her work in the Suffolk High Tide Festival and at the Robin Howard Theatre in London. Jocelyn has also presented several of her choreographic works in Ottawa including most recently (2020-2022): “shell”, “the A-team” and “Time + Light”. Her film “Gold” was presented as part of Dance On Screen at the Mayfair Theatre in Fall 2021. She is deeply thankful for the support of Ottawa Dance Directive and the communities that she is and has been a part of in Ottawa and London.

Alya Graham
During her studies at The School of Dance, Yukon born Alya Graham participated in choreographic processes with Tedd Robinson, Yvonne Coutts, Mélanie Demers, Sylvie Desrosiers, Serge Bennathan, Dana Gingras, and Sarah Williams. Since her 2014 graduation, Alya has had the pleasure of working with choreographers Caroline Barrière, Jocelyn Todd, Marissa Wong, Amelia Griffin, Meagan O’Shea (Stand Up Dance), Charles Cardin Bourbeau, Cathy Kyle-Fenton, Sylvie Desrosiers (Dorsale Danse), Allison Burns, and Geneviève Duong. She is currently a company member at Ottawa Dance Directives under the direction of Yvonne Coutts. Alya began choreographing in 2015 alongside Annabel Boissonneault (De notre petit squelett, 2015) and Jessie Lhôte (Aquincum, 2016). Her more recent work includes a solo study (Statufié, 2018), and a visual art and dance collaboration (Dénudement, 2019).


Theatre 4.669
Thank you to Lola Ryan and Miriam Cusson.

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