Various items rest on a pink blanket, such as a water bottle, orange juice, cheetos, a swimsuit, medication and ice cream. Above these items in a thick white font reads "Perky"


Created by Megan Murphy and Leanna Williams | Produced by Will and Murph Productions | Origin: Montréal, Canada
Venue 3 – LabO
12 + fees

Show Details

PERKY is a one-act comedy about a nineteen-year-old girl on the hunt for her first orgasm. Perky gets lost in the maze of her mind, far beyond her childhood bedroom, and is led on a wild-goose chase by her new and mysterious(ly sexy) imaginary friend, the Fantasy Lesbian. Pick your jaw up off the floor, you’ll need it for later… you know… for sex stuff.

Content Notes

Flashing lights: There is a lighting sequence near the end in which there are short periods of blackouts, there will be no use of strobe lighting.

Mature language: Mild profanity

Sexual content: Themes of sex, sexuality, masturbation, menstruation

Abrupt loud noise: Screams and shouts of emotion, sudden sound cues to enhance the story (knocking, car horn, door slam, etc.)

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  • Thursday, June 15th10:30pm
  • Saturday, June 17th5:30pm
  • Monday, June 19th7:30pm
  • Tuesday, June 20th5:30pm
  • Wednesday, June 21st9:30pm
  • Saturday, June 24th7:00pm
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3 responses to “Perky

  1. I loved this! Laughed quite a bit! Both women were great performers – I debated on going as it sounded as though it was geared to a younger audience, but at 44y, I’m glad I chose this show as I really enjoyed it!

  2. I really loved this show. Very funny and fun. I was definitely the oldest person there (54) but I really enjoyed it. Megan and co. are stars!!

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