Welcome, this guide is here to support you in knowing a bit more about the Ottawa Fringe Festival, how to get here and how to move around the building. For any accessibility, questions feel free to contact Drea, Ottawa Fringe’s Access Coordinator: drea@ottawafringe.com

What is the Ottawa Fringe Festival? 

The Ottawa Fringe is Ottawa’s largest and longest-running theatre festival. We provide a space where all artists can produce their work. 

The Ottawa Fringe has no curator. This means that all shows are selected by a lottery draw to get a spot at the festival. Also Ottawa Fringe does not restrict artists’ content or shows. This allows you to experience lots of different kinds of work. For two weeks you can watch shows from Ottawa, nationally and internationally.

Fun fact: 100% of ticket sales go to the artists. Since 1997, we have paid out over $ 2 million to independent artists!

How to Buy tickets 

I can buy tickets online through the different show pages on the website. I can check out the shows lisitings here. I can buy my tickets here. Or I can buy tickets in person at the venue box office 1 hour before show time or buy all my tickets in person at the Festival Box Office outside Arts Court Theatre. For directions click here

Questions about your tickets? Email BoxOffice@ottawafringe.com 

To view the accessible show listings, I can scroll to the bottom I can click here.


Fringe Pins

A Fringe Pin is required to enter any show. It’s yours for $3 and is a one-time purchase. Since 100% of ticket sales go directly to the performers, it’s Fringe Pins (and donations) which help the Festival grow. Available online or at any box office.

What to Bring with Me

Coming Soon.

How to Get Here

The Ottawa Fringe is located at 2 Daly Ave. And is also accessible from 10 Daly Ave and 67 Nicholas St. Please click here for the Google Map. 

The Building and Venues  

The Ottawa Fringe operates in the Arts Court, Club SAW, Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG) and University of Ottawa (LabO/Studio) spaces. They are all connected together to form one larger building. Social Spaces

Building Maps 

Here are the floor maps of the building that I can use to support finding my way. Onsite there are volunteers and signs to support me finding my way. Look for the eyeballs on the floor and elevators in Arts Court. And the signs with the Fringe logo on it around the other parts of the building. 

A series of building maps that show the full festival grounds.

[Image description: Floor Zero. From right to left. 67 Nicholas Street, the entrance to the Fringe Courtyard. An arrow points to the door indicating it is wheelchair accessible. Note the courtyard has stairs, there is a ramp on the left side of the courtyard. Once I enter the building on my right is Venue 5 Club Saw. The box office will be on my right. On my left is a half wall for the staircase. I can go up these stairs to the other floors or go straight a few paces turn left and then right and go down the hallway. On my right is the gendered and accessible male and then female washrooms. After the washrooms on my left is elevator B, just before the jail cells are visible. I can either go left and up elevator B to access the rest of Arts Court or continue forward down the hallway. I will pass through the double doors into the Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG) on my left is the Jackson Cafe, and the OAG 10 Daly Ave entrance. I continue straight on my left is the security desk for OAG, on my right the OAG elevator and straight ahead is Venue 3 LabO. There are also universal and accessible stalled washrooms to my left at this venue.]

[Image Description: This is the first floor of the festival. From Right to left. There is 2 Daly Ave which is the Arts Court building entrance. Please note this entrance has a lot of stairs. There is an accessible entrance next to the sculpture garden on the left down the alleyway. At the end of the alleyway there is a green door. On my right is a doorbell that I push to have someone open the door. Please note this will take a few minutes. Returning to the entrance with the stairs. On my right is the Arts Court Information Desk, and on my left is the volunteer headquarters. If I continue straight, I will turn left. On my left is a universal accessible washroom. If I continue going straight there are two doors, the left most one will be propped open. After passing through, on my right is Elevator A which will get me to the second floor of the festival. If I continue past the elevator A on my right there will be another hallway. When I turn right I will go down the hallway until there is another one. On my right is Elevator B. This elevator will take me to the third floor of the festival. On my left is the Berlanga Lounge. I will turn left and continue past the double doors of the OAG. I will continue straight to the wooden doors at the end of the hallway. On my right is the OAG elevator which I can take down to floor zero to get to Venue 3 Labo. I will continue straight through the wooden doors. On my left is Venue 4 1201. If I continue straight, on the left-hand side is the genedered women’s change room and washroom. Following that is another room on the left which is the chillout space. Straight ahead of me is the 60 Waller Street entrance .This entrance is also accessible with a ramp and accessible push buttons to go through the double doors. ]

[Image description: A building map that shows the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Arts Court Building. Starting from bottom to top. To reach floor 2 from the first floor, take elevator A to floor 2. On my left is Venue 2 ODD Box which has an accessible push-button door. To my right is a coridor. Once I turn facing down the long corridor there is a hallway on my right which leads to a set of stairs going up. If I continue straight there is a very large accessible washroom on my left. It is a single stall. Continuing straight is Venue 6 Atelier. On the right down that corridor are two universal washrooms painted bright orange. Access the third floor. Going up the stairs on floor 2 to floor 3 I can reach Venue 1 Arts Court theatre and the studio. If I need an accessible route, the only way I can access it is by going down elevator A to the first floor, going down the hallway to elevator B and taking it to floor 3. Once I am on floor three, the Festival box office and Venue 1 Arts Court Theatre box office is on my immediate left when walking up the stairs, or straight ahead from the elevator. On the right from the elevator is the hallway that leads to the waiting area for Venue 1. I can hang out in the left side space until my show. Arts Court Studio also has a snack bar, and sometimes will have other treats to enjoy like on June 25th. Please note the Venue 1 has two enterances, one with stairs through the studio and one that is flat which is accessed by the Festival box office. I can ask for assistance and someone will support me. ]