undercurrents: Ottawa’s Contemporary Theatre Festival

13th annual: February 8-18, 2023

Our winter festival showcases the best original, contemporary theatre created by local and national artists.

Festival founders, The Great Canadian Theatre Company, originally hosted from 2011–2014.  Now, undercurrents takes place in Ottawa’s downtown core at Arts Court.

Since 2011, undercurrents has hosted 25 world premieres and has hosted 27 artists & collectives  as part of their under development residency program.

In 2020, undercurrents successfully changed its ticketing model to be more accessible to the community. undercurrents tickets are sold on a “Pick you Price” model at $5, $10, $20, $50. Choose your own price, no questions asked.

In 2023, undercurrents successfully piloted its first bilingual festival with the inclusion of French productions, captioned performances and our first Soirée Franco!