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The Fake News Show

The Improv Embassy

By combining actual news stories and improv comedy, The Fake News Show presents reality as it truly is: surreal. Think The Daily Show, The View, The Onion and Whose Line Is It Anyway all rolled into one sexy, truthy package. We’ll keep Trump jokes to a minimum – honest.



Vishesh Abeyratne

Far into the future, humanity is living underground. The Earth’s surface has been rendered uninhabitable due to a massive catastrophe. One man and one woman are placed in a holding cell to continue the human race. As they grow closer to one another and dangerous secrets are revealed, they struggle to hold onto their humanity as the last of their kind…



Monica Ogden & Tony Adams

LUB DUB seeks to create honest and genuine moments through improvisation & collaboration. Imagine one moment slow dancing to The Drifters, the next you’re creating a piece of art with found objects. Like a sketch show meets performance art meets an ask-me-anything, the result is performance that is vulnerable, prone to surprises and a unique & malleable experience for audiences to be a part of.