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Ottawa Fringe Festival


Sappho… in 9 fragments

Troupe de la Lune
  • 60m
  • G
  • $8.85

Troupe de la lune · London, UK

by Jane Montgomery Griffiths — ,

Within a secluded cavern, Ancient Greece’s first love poet laments her erasure from history, while a chorus girl named Atthis is seduced into a modern-day Sapphic romance. “Uncommonly exhilarating” ★★★★ Exeunt Magazine. “A spectacular physical and visual piece” ★★★★ Remote Goat. “Written, directed, and executed with passion” ★★★★ Female Arts.


  • Friday, June 21st 8:00pm
  • Sunday, June 23rd 12:00pm
  • Monday, June 24th 5:00pm
  • Tuesday, June 25th 8:00pm
  • Wednesday, June 26th 5:00pm
  • Saturday, June 29th 3:30pm

Venue 2 – Arts Court Library

Map of Venue


  1. Vick Ko

    Oh my god, I just saw the play “Sappho in 9 Fragments” at the Ottawa Fringe at their noon-time showing.

    I have never had morning sex as good as this show.

    It was a mesmerizing erotic tale of love, lust, innocence, power, sexuality, passion desired, and passion denied. Oh, don’t forget jealousy.

    And couple that with a set that drips “bound passion”, and an athletically gymnastic performance by an actress with the stature of an Amazon goddess with magical voice transitions, you’ll soon be sitting in your seat thinking “Oh my god I never knew it could be this good, and can we do it again now?”

    Highly highly recommended, see it with someone you lust for.

  2. Jessica Ruano

    REVIEW: The Visitorium

    “Victoria Grove is an exceptional solo performer, fully embodying her characters with grace and ease, using precise vocal changes and mannerisms. Her performance is enchanting.”

  3. Jessica Ruano

    Thank you, Apartment 613, for this wonderful first review!

    “The aerial choreography alone makes Sappho…in 9 Fragments stunning and the lush voice of Victoria Grove as Sappho is captivating beyond measure. The set design is simple, but highly effective, and the whole show is a visual delight.”

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