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Ottawa Fringe Festival


Die, Zombie. Die!

Punchbag Playhouse
  • 60m
  • M
  • $8.85

Punchbag Playhouse · Ottawa, ON

by Richard Hemphill —

Fringe veteran, Punchbag Playhouse, presents a killer new comedy. A serial murderer threatens the fragile peace between the living and the undead. Who is slaying all those zombies? Is a legendary zombie slayer returning to her old habits, or is someone setting her up? How long before the zombies retaliate?


  • Thursday, June 20th 10:30pm
  • Friday, June 21st 9:30pm
  • Saturday, June 22nd 6:00pm
  • Monday, June 24th 6:30pm
  • Friday, June 28th 8:30pm
  • Saturday, June 29th 9:30pm

Venue 3 – Academic Hall

Map of Venue


  1. Charlotte

    Die Zombie Die! is hilarious, keeping you interested and laughing throughout. The four leads were generally very well acted, and the stage is extremely well-managed, with zombies creating the backgrounds and props. The entire play is part of a radio special, and includes zombie advertisements, which are probably the funniest parts.

    The play didn’t have me laughing unstoppably – but it kept me entertained and groaning at its jokes, along with the zombies.

  2. Mike Pictor

    This show is hilarious, though on occasion too hilarious for its own good. If I have a criticism, it’s that they take a good joke, and then use it too often to the point where I am expecting it. When that happens, it no longer surprises me, so it’s no longer doing its job.

    That aside, the humour is fantastic, especially the first time you hear a given joke, it’s well performed, fast paced, and made for a very entertaining hour.

    The daschund caught me complete by surprise.

  3. R.B.

    The feel of this piece was very reminiscent of a cross between “Fido” (one of my favourite zombie flicks) and film noir. It was well-paced and the zombie hordes were very well-utilized – for a play with almost no set pieces, you’re almost unaware of that fact, because the zombies become part of the furniture/scenery. Which I guess was the point. The humour vacillates between clever and groan-worthy, and many jokes go on too long… but most people didn’t seem to mind. Overall it was a fun romp and definitely worth seeing if you’re looking for a light, funny show.

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  5. #1 Fan

    This show is too good to miss. It’s a fast-paced, pun-filled, slap-dash, comedy that goes a mile a minute. Great comedic and physical acting by all. Bravo! I will be seeing this one again.

  6. Danny

    Entering Die Zombie Die! I was expecting to see an original piece that needed some work – I’ve seen original pieces before and they usually suffer from the “it’s good, but it needs to be workshop’d more” curse. NOT AT ALL TRUE ABOUT THIS ONE!

    From start to finish this piece kept me entertained. The witty banter and punchy dialogue, along with superb performances from the whole cast, kept me thoroughly engaged and entertained the entire time. Combining a “Shaun of the Dead” vibe with that of “Joss Whedon” this is a very funny and entertaining play. I highly recommend this to anyone on the fence about what to see at this years fringe festival!


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