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Ottawa Fringe Festival



Dead Unicorn Ink
  • 60m
  • PG
  • $8.85

Dead Unicorn Ink · Ottawa, ON

by Patrice-Ann Forbes — ,

Marriage is hard. Sofa-r it’s not all Zack and Sarah imagined. And their new couch is not helping. Will true love be devoured or will it unite against a common divan, er, deviant? From the 2011 Outstanding Design and 2012 Fan Favourite Ottawa Fringe Award winners, DUI! Loveseat.


  • Sunday, June 23rd 6:30pm
  • Monday, June 24th 5:00pm
  • Tuesday, June 25th 5:00pm
  • Thursday, June 27th 9:30pm
  • Friday, June 28th 10:00pm
  • Saturday, June 29th 11:00pm

Venue 3 – Academic Hall

Map of Venue


  1. Moira D.

    “Chesterfield” is a fantastic, must-see show—with one small flaw. In this play, a villainous couch wreaks havoc on the lives of a young childless couple and their best friend. The play is hilariously funny, bloody and ghoulish, and definitely worth seeing. An adorable bunny is cast in the role of the couch’s first victim. And the crowd roars each time the bunny appears on stage. Unfortunately, from the front row, it was obvious that the bunny was terrified by all the noise and people in the packed theatre. I found it impossible to clap with a frightened animal trembling on stage. A stuffed toy rabbit (like the dog in Die Zombie Die!) would be just as cute and serve the purpose just as well. That said, don’t miss this show—it’s one of the best in the Fringe this year. Just have a thought for the bunny!

  2. Andy Bellum

    Great fun! Surprisingly complete use of a potentially-much-more-cumbersome set piece (great design there!), a few true gross-out moments, good humor and good energy carried through the show by a young and high-spirited cast – this is what the Fringe is all about! Make sure to sit as close to the front as you can, the couch and (quite excellent) sound design sometimes compete to be heard – I was sitting in the back half of the audience and missed a line here or there, but really it was more due to the raucous laughter of the packed house (saw it opening night) than anything else. Highly recommended!

  3. Chris Jaworski
  4. Samantha Bayard

    I had the honour of viewing a dress/effects rehearsal of Chesterfield, a romantic-thriller-farce about friends and lovers and the piece of furniture that tries to put a wedge between them.
    Produced by Dead Unicorn Ink, a collective know for wacky/ campy tails conveyed through puppetry, action and comedy is the story of a young married couple Zack (played by Drake Evans) and Sarah (played by Gabbie Lazarovitz) going through a tough time approaching their one year wedding anniversary, made more complicated by a potential triangle forming with close friend Donald (played by Aaron Lajeunesse). With secrets, and histories to be revealed and bonds to be tested – in comes a maniacal second hand chesterfield. As if maintaining a happy marriage isn’t hard enough – their furniture is trying to kill them.

    Lazorovitz is the emotional centre of the piece demonstrating a relatable struggle and conviction, with some attitude and punchy one liners. Don’t let the rom-com elements fool you, there are plenty of special effects, blood and even a live animal onstage to keep you glued to their seats as well as strong slapstick elements from Evans and Lajeunesse. The couch is the largest puppet undertaking that Dead Unicorn has taken on to date and with it’s expressive eyebrow cushions, Vincent Price voice and impressively tactile nature, you will be intrigued and afraid. Patrice Tremblay wrote it in a more sinister and realistic style than the last two pieces by the group but with convincing effects, pithy dialogue compounding on relatable situational comedy fans will not be disappointed. I was also delighted by the realistic yet violent fight choreography and high energy slapstick compounded by some realistic looking blood. I warn those in the front row may get hit by a splatter or two or get a whiff of chocolate syrup and popcorn. The hour long show breezes by and you will find yourself thinking, “that escalated quickly.” Any piece of theatre performed by a young, attractive and sometimes shirtless cast is ideal for most audience members. From the 2011 Outstanding Design and 2012 Fan Favourite Ottawa Fringe Award winners comes a play not to be missed.

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