The Sellout

Created by Curtis Gough | Produced by Kevin Da Ponte & Curtis Gough | Origin: Ottawa, ON

Andrea MacWilliams as Sam
Victoria Elizabeth Luloff as Christina
Rebecca Laviolette as Charlie
Curtis Gough as Emmett (has replaced Karim Rostom)
Written by Curtis Gough
Directed by Kevin Da Ponte
Stage Managed by Irfan Manji
With a cast of four talented musicians, this not-quite-a-musical follows Sam, a young singer-songwriter trying to survive. She has lost her boyfriend, her job, and her dignity, but she lies on a sofa day-dreaming about how life could have been. Her sister Charlie, a producer, hires Christina to help produce Sam’s music. It turns out: Sam dated Christina too. Though Sam and Christina try to work together, their past comes back to haunt them, everything goes wrong. Through a maze of lies, betrayal, murder, and unrequited love, Sam tries to put her life back together by becoming the thing she hates most of all.
Come see violence, seduction, and live music at this world premier written by local artist Curtis Gough. Starring Fringe veterans and up-and-coming Ottawa actors Victoria Elizabeth Luloff from the acclaimed 2017 Ottawa production of Little Shop of Horrors and Rebecca Laviolette from the acclaimed 2016 Ottawa production of The Three Musketeers. Also starring local Ottawa musicians Andrea MacWilliams from Grace Note and Karim Rostom from The White Lighters.