High School High

Created by Alli Harris | Produced by Alli Harris | Origin: Ottawa, ON

What REALLY went down in the French portable? Did your mom drop you off too close to the front of the school, and you’re still pissed? Did your friend sell you drugs, but it was actually just a bag of oregano?

High School High is a one woman musical comedy created and performed by Alli Harris and Directed by AL Connors (Canadian Comedy Award Winner, Prix Rideau Award Winner for Outstanding Direction, and BEST OF FEST Ottawa Fringe 2017 for his solo show DJ Detective.)

Stage Manager: Caterina Fiorindi
Musical Director: Rachel Lloyd

Hold on to your nose, cuz’ it smells like teen spirit.

From one of the creators of the 2017 Ottawa Fringe sell out Rhythm and Burgundy; The Comeback Tour, Alli Harris is back, bringing you a full hour of music, laughter and teen angst.

“Musical guest, Alli Harris, is hilarious and talented” – Winnipeg Free Press

“I have to say though that I fell in love with Alli’s performance. I loved her sincerity, her humor, and her ability to switch from character to character. I am a fan! ” – Mooney On Theatre

“Alli Harris is a clowning comic goldmine, delightfully hamming it up” – The Visitorium

“Accompanist Alli Harris…offering up some hilarious musical transitions” – New Ottawa Critics