Three to Leave

Sofie Milito, Sadie Laflamme-Snow, Aurel Pressat & Franco Pang

Blissfully bold, painfully shy.

Three to Leave explores the depths and complexities of change and looking back at ourselves through three teenagers deciding to leave their homes. With a series of vignettes, Three to Leave looks at vulnerabilities ranging from the fears of being laid bare and the courage that is necessary to do it.



Kate Smith & Will Somers

Famed Australian children’s entertainers HOOTENANNY! have been touring the world together for the last decade, but it sure hasn’t been easy. Full of catchy songs, video segments and dance breaks, Hoot and Annie grit their teeth as they hurtle toward the final curtain.  

“[They] are absolutely to die for…” ★★★★ -On Stage Magazine

WINNER Outstanding Ballyhoo Award, 2016 London Fringe Festival

Your Princess is in Another Castle

Wes Babcock & Nancy Kenny

A workshop presentation. Princess Polly loses the popular vote to be Miss Leader of the Free World to a Department Store Mannequin. A Prince Charming Type knows he can save the day, if only people would listen. In this dark comedy of errors, Polly learns what it takes to change the world, and it’s less funny than she thought. A brand new show from the creators of Roller Derby Saved My Soul and Everybody Dies In December.



Vishesh Abeyratne

Far into the future, humanity is living underground. The Earth’s surface has been rendered uninhabitable due to a massive catastrophe. One man and one woman are placed in a holding cell to continue the human race. As they grow closer to one another and dangerous secrets are revealed, they struggle to hold onto their humanity as the last of their kind…


Love And Information

Caryl Churchill

Someone sneezes. Someone can’t get a signal. Someone shares a secret. Someone put an elephant on the stairs. Someone told the police. Someone got a message from a traffic light. Someone’s never felt like this before. In this fast moving kaleidoscope multiple characters try to make sense of what they know. (note this is a not a clown comedy as indicated previously but rather comedy drama)

From TWA, the company that brought you FUGEE – Capital Critics’ SPECIAL JURY PRIZE: Fringe 2016 – worth the trip upstairs!

TWA is a collaboration between Third Wall Theatre and 100 Watt Productions. |

BALLS – je suis un vidéoclip

Marie-Eve Fortier

Sexe, voyages et culture pop, un monologue théâtral de 50 minutes sous forme de tableaux éclectiques. BALLS – Je suis un vidéoclip. Ce sont les conséquences d’une histoire d’amour qui a mal viré. Ce sont les illusions qu’on aimerait garder mais qui s’échappent. C’est le sexe. L’idée qu’on s’en fait. L’idée qu’on en veut. L’idée qu’on en a. C’est la fille moderne, gavée de culture pop et d’envies de plaire. C’est la route qu’on finit par perdre à un moment.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” – Thomas Jefferson.

BALLS, c’est comment Pidge V. a fait pousser les siennes en enfilant son back pack. Je suis un vidéoclip, c’est une duck face, cheveux au vent devant les hélices d’un ventilateur, pop, coloré et twerky. Ce sont les ballounes de-ce-que-tu-crois-avoir-besoin qui explosent à côté de l’oreille. C’est un chantier de reconstruction, un terrain de jeux de questionnements et de réflexions, à la rescousse d’un plaisir perdu. C’est l’appel au changement; tu t’affrontes ou tu te consumes. La toute première performance a être présenté à la Marquise de la Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins.

ÉQUIPE DE CRÉATION Marie-Eve Fortier, Julie Grethen, Benoit Roy, Mathieu Charette et autres artistes à confirmer.

Patrons will need to climb a ladder to access this venue. This venue could possibly be quite hot, however fans will be in operation and patrons will be provided with cool liquids.


House Show

Two Second Push Up

Every room has a story. Every house has its secrets. How does time affect the memory of a home? Walk through the rooms of 328 Besserer, and witness the lives of past, present, and future tenants.

A collaboration between the creators of 2016 Fringe hits: Division 161, In Waking Life and Prix Rideau Award winning Outstanding New Creation Rideshares & Rope Swings.

Created by Monica Bradford-Lea, Caterina Fiorindi, Even Gilchrist, Matt Hertendy, Cullen Elijah McGrail, Franco Pang, Cullen Petersen, Sam Randazzo, Olivia Tilley, Matthew Venner, Lauren Welchner.


Tiny Dynamite

Abi Morgan

From falling sandwiches to falling in love, Tiny Dynamite is a story of personal responsibility in a universe ruled by chance.

After years of witnessing the tragic suicide of a woman they both loved and lost, lifelong friends, Lucien and Anthony meet up for their annual summer vacation…only this summer they encounter Madeleine, a woman who bears unusual resemblance to the woman they lost.

How I Lost One Pound, The Musical

Lesley Carlberg

Abandoned mom and lost soul, Lesley Carlberg has spent her life battling the muffin top. But now she has even bigger problems: her kids have left home so what is she going to be when she grows up? And where is the TV Volume Remote?

How I Lost One Pound, The Musical follows Lesley’s quest in this self-absorbed world to realize her purpose in life now and maybe even lose a pound or two…but probably not.