2017 Lottery Results

by Kimberly McCarthy-Kearney

December 6, 2016


Fringe is an open-access festival. That’s to say, nobody curates the Ottawa Fringe Festival. Instead artists throw their names into a lottery and the winners score a festival venue, technician, box office services, and front-of-house volunteers. More artists add to the program with Bring Your Own Venue (BYOV) shows and all performers keep 100% of their ticket sales.

N.B. Bring Your Own Venue applications will open in the new year. Check back soon for more information or subscribe for an email heads up (tick the “performing opportunities” box).

2017 Lottery Results

December 5, during a party at Arts Court Studio, the lottery draw for the 20th Ottawa Fringe Festival took place. The official results are below, click through to see waitlist & heartbreak list.

Out of 177 registrants only 42 could win lottery spots. Two spots are reserved for local youth performers, 20 more went to Ottawa-Gatineau performers, 12 to National performers, and 8 to International performers. The lottery draw is subject to a quota: 50% Local (Ottawa-Gatineau), 30% National (rest of Canada), and 20% International (rest of World)


Producer Locale
Fiddleheads Musical Theatre Chelsea, QC
Floral Theatre Ottawa, ON
See waitlist…

90 minute CATEGORY

Producer Locale
Tuba Czar Productions Ottawa, ON
Movin Melvin Brown Austin, USA
See waitlist… See heartbreak list…


Producer Locale
Rollicking Entertainment Ltd. Christchurch, NZ
Rich Potter Greenbelt, USA
Mr. Wizowski Entertainment Wellington , NZ
Rundown Cutehouse/Sachie Gold Coast, AUS
Concrete Drops Brooklyn, USA
Tim Motley Elwood, AUS
Kathleen Denny Oakland, USA
See waitlist… See heartbreak list…


Producer Locale
The Grand Salto Theatre  (CAFF Touring Lottery winner) Toronto, ON
Turtle Pond Theatre Productions Hudson, QC
Bessie Jean Productions Vancouver, BC
Keith Brown London, ON
Squirrel Suit Productions Welland, ON
Theatre Arcturus Bracebridge, ON
Good Game Toronto, ON
Doctor Keir Co. Montreal, QC
Lesley Carlberg Mississauga, ON
Tim C. Murphy Toronto, ON
Down the Well Productions Halifax, NS
Lady Lola Productions Inc. Toronto, ON
See waitlist… See heartbreak list…


Producer Locale
Slippery Slope Productions Ottawa, ON
KosoWhat Productions Ottawa, ON
Deranged Hermit Media Ottawa, ON
Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre Ottawa, ON
Table Théâtre Gatineau, QC
allisoneb Ottawa, ON
Sasha Gilchrist Ottawa, ON
makesndoes Ottawa, ON
Double U Gatineau, QC
Pinball Productions Ottawa, ON
Quest Friends Forever Ottawa, ON
PrettyUgly Theatre Productions Ottawa, ON
Smith & Somers Ottawa, ON
Evolution Theatre Ottawa, ON
Sad Ibsen Theatre Ottawa, ON
DJG-REG Ottawa, ON
Alley Brat Productions Ottawa, ON
Dead Unicorn Ink Ottawa, ON
Lost Kid Theatre Ottawa, ON
See waitlist…  See heartbreak list…